A New Low-Cost Way to Liquefy Natural Gas Using Moderate Pressure (80 to 90 Bar) and Conventional Refrigeration (-50 C to -70 C). Pressurized-Liquefied Natural Gas (P-LNG). 10% CAPEX of LNG, 20% OPEX.

A New Way to Transport Natural Gas as P-LNG Using Large Type-4 Tanks Cocooned Inside of Intermodal Shipping Containers. (Will Also Ship Propane).

A Practical and Feasible Way to Capture & Monetize Large Volumes of Flare Gas.

A Way to Make Small Scale BioGas Production Practical and Feasible.

A Way to Make Farms Energy Self-Sufficient and, Carbon Negative.

A Way to Easily Transport CO2 for Sequestration. The CanaGas 50-Bar Tanks will allow CO2 to be Liquefied for Transport Without Refrigeration. Though Slight Chilling Would Liquefy the CO2 at Lower Pressures.

A Safe and Efficient Way to Help Feed the World. Using 7.5 Bar Tanks will Allow for the Safe and Intermodal Transport of Ammonia to be used as Fertilizer.