T-4 Technology

Type-4 pressure vessel technology was originally developed for the aerospace industry. Since then, type-4 pressure vessels have been developed to store compressed natural gas (CNG) for the natural gas vehicle industry. Similar type-4 tanks are used to store hydrogen at very high pressures. Since day-one, type-4 pressure vessels have had a stellar safety record. With the CanaGas low-temperature compatible design, PLNG storage is now possible. (Double that of CNG)

The characteristics of a type-4 pressure vessel are:
1. Robust Safety. - Will not rupture if punctured.
2. A Very High Pressure-to-Weight Ratio.
3. Corrosion Resistance, and,
4. Re: CanaGas Tanks, Low-Temp Compatibility.

CanaGas tanks are 2 meters in diameter by 3.5 m long. Thus, three of these 10,000-liter tanks just fit inside of a 40-ft shipping container. To connect to piping, each tank has two metallic port bosses made of 316 stainless steel.

To fabricate our type-4 tank, many continuous strands of high-strength fibreglass or carbon fibre are wound onto our innovative HDPE liner which, acts as the mandrel during the winding process. Just before being wound onto the liner, the fibres are impregnated with wet epoxy resin. Once the winding is complete, our tanks are cured in an oven for about 6 hours. They are then hydrotested for confirmation of integrity.