Innovative Technology

Largest Type-4 Pressure Vessels in the World.

2 meters in Diameter by 3.5 meters Long. (10m3 Volume) 

Wound with Fibreglass for 7.5 and 15-Bar Operating Pressures.

Wound with Carbon Fiber for 40 and 100-Bar Operating Pressures. 

Large Volume to Weight Ratio.    Low Cost to Volume Ratio. 

Safe and Reliable (30 Year Lifespan).

  • Will Safely Transport a Multitude of Gaseous Fluids.
  • Pressurized Liquefied Natural Gas at 100 Bar (between -50 C and -75 C).
  • Ethylene, Ethane, or CO2 at 40-Bar. No Refrigeration Required.
  • Propane, LPG in 15 Bar Systems. No Refrigeration Required.
  • Methanol, DME, Ammonia, Diluent (C5+), & Heavy Oil (No Diluent Required).
  • Silica-Tetrafluoride, Contaminated Water (H2S & Brine), Contaminated Amine or Glycol.

Our Focus On Environmental & Sustainable Governance (ESG)

  • 01
    Transport / Export P-LNG from Alberta, 14 Tonnes. (40-foot Container)
  • 02
    Return with Liquid CO2 for Sequestration, 19 Tonnes.
  • 03
    Transport Liquid CO2 for Sequestration (40 Bar Systems).
  • 04
    Lowest-Cost Solution to Transport Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).
  • 05
    Provide Clean Natural Gas to Developing Nations and Third World Countries.
  • 06
    Provide 17 Tonnes per Container of LPG to Remote Communities. (Globally)
    Reduced Burning of Charcoal - Southern Africa, South America, Asia.
  • 07
    Store / Transport 16 Tonnes of Ammonia for Supply of Hydrogen.
  • 08
    Provide P-LNG or Ethane/Propane Blend to Displace Diesel.
    Power Generation at Mine Sites and Northern Communities.
  • 09
    Provide Clean & Low-Cost Fuel for Locomotives.
  • 10
    Provide Clean & Low-Cost Fuel for Ships.
    Can Load Conventional LNG and Store as P-LNG. (Flexibility for Owners)
  • 11
    Can Provide Clean Emergency Fuel for Power Generation.
  • 12
    Eliminate Flaring at Well Sites and Oil Batteries. (New Technology)
  • 13
    Eliminate Venting of Methane at Associated Oil Wells. (New Technology)
  • 14
    Cost-Effectively Collect Natural Gas from Low-Flow Gas Wells.