Innovative Technology

CanaGas Inc. has developed technology that liquifies natural gas without costly cryogenics or stripping of the gas. The innovative process is only 10% the CAPX of small-scale LNG. This opens a vast number of opportunities for CanaGas customers. To store and transport PLNG, CanaGas installs three proprietary low-temperature compatible Type-4 pressure vessels inside of well-insulated 40-foot shipping containers.

Mobile PLNG in 40 ft Shipping Containers.
@ -50 C; 10 Tons of Gas ~ 500 Mscf.
@ -75 C; 14 Tons of Gas ~ 700 Mscf.

Lower Pressure Tanks for Low-Cost Transport of:
Ethane, Liquid CO2, Propane, LPG, Y-Grade NGLs, Methanol, DME, Ammonia, and Heavy Oil Without Diluent ~ 170 bbls per Container.

New Opportunities:

  • Displace Diesel at Mines, Drill-Sites, & Remote Communities.
  • Elimination of Flaring or Venting of Methane.
  • Clean Power Generation Placement at Strategic Locations.
  • A Virtual Pipeline (from any source of gas).
  • Fuel for Trucks, Trains, & Ships.
  • Production of Stranded Gas (On-Shore & Off-Shore).
  • Export of Gas via Road, Rail, or Ship.

PLNG: The Future Fuel for Commercial Transportation.

A 53-ft container will fuel a locomotive. Equivalent to 4365 gallons of diesel.
A dozen containers will fuel a coastal/ feeder ship.
A hundred containers will fuel a large ocean-going ship.