Large Volume Type-4 Tanks

CanaGas Type-4 pressure vessels are made using a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner equipped with proprietary stainless-steel port bosses. Depending on the required operating pressure, our liners are filament wound with either fibreglass or carbon fiber. Our tanks are therefore light weight and, corrosion resistant. Moreover, our tanks are low-temperature compatible.  

The HDPE liner is made 2 meters in diameter by approximately 3.5 meters so that 3 tanks will fit inside of a 40-foot shipping container or 4 tanks inside of a 53-foot container. Once our tanks, piping and instrumentation is installed, the void space inside of the shipping container is  filled with a fire-retardant expanded foam which, insulates the tanks and provides a high level of safety from potential impact or external flame.