Experienced start up.

CanaGas Inc. is a Canadian start-up company that holds the intellectual property rights to a unique method of fabricating a type-4 pressure vessel with low-temperature resistance. CanaGas is capitalizing on more than 10 years of research and development work previously conducted on the design of large type 4 composite pressure vessels.

The management of CanaGas is dedicated to commercializing this advanced type-4 technology to the benefit of industries and companies that wish to store or transport high-density natural gas for use as fuel.

A comprehensive IP strategy has been developed to assure that CanaGas Inc. is the only entity to bring this advanced yet easy-to-use technology to the world stage. Through the development of the optimized tank design, two new patents are expected to be filed in the near future.

The certification of the optimized tank design will be to the ISO 11515 standard. The rigorous testing program will confirm the high level of safety and reliability of these robust tanks.

Join our team.

CanaGas Inc. is currently open to investors that can also help grow the company through to commercial production. Interested parties may contact us through our contact portal.