Experienced start up.

CanaGas Incorporated is a privately held Alberta-based company that holds the patented rights to a new method of fabricating large-diameter type-4 pressure vessels for the storage and intermodal transport of gaseous fluids, including Pressurized Liquefied Natural Gas (P-LNG), ethylene, ethane, CO2, propane, LPG, methanol, DME, ammonia, diluent, and heavy oil without diluent.

CanaGas is founded by four seasoned professionals with the related expertise to prove the innovative design is safe and reliable. The team will then hire the necessary individuals to complete the certification of that design and grow the CanaGas group of companies into one of the largest privately held group of companies in Canada.

Join our team.

CanaGas is currently looking for professional individuals to join its team. Those that would like to also invest in CanaGas will receive first consideration. We are looking for additional board members, a financial officer, multi-disciplined engineering managers, and a commodity trade manager for the purchase and sales of propane, LPG, methanol, ammonia, ethylene, ethane, CO2, natural gas, and heavy oil, et al.