About Us

CanaGas Incorporated is a Federally registered company. We are registered to conduct business in the province of Alberta. We have an office in Leduc County. We also have a satellite engineering office in Houma, Louisiana USA.

We have developed advanced type-4 pressure vessel technology for the safe and efficient storage and transport of Pressurized-Liquefied Natural Gas (P-LNG). The cost to liquefy P-LNG is one-tenth (10%) that of conventional LNG. Three (3) of our composite tanks are installed inside of a standard 40-ft ISO shipping container. We call this CanaGas Transport Module a CTM.

Using similar but lower pressure tanks, other gaseous fluids such as CO2, ethane, ethylene, methanol, & ammonia will also be transported by our customers in our CTMs.

CanaGas Incorporated was founded by a strong technical team, led by Mr. Steven Campbell. The team is focused on certifying its advanced type-4 technology for the benefit of the world.

Using CanaGas Incorporated’s technology, we envision an increasingly sustainable world with sufficient access to low-cost energy.

In working towards our vision, it will be our mission to provide our customers and joint venture partners with liquefaction skids and CTMs to make and transport P-LNG.

In addition, we will aggressively work towards delivering a low-cost small scale biogas operation, complete with a 100-Bar CTM for storing pressurized-liquefied biogas. Small scale biogas production may help to eradicate energy poverty in the developing world.

The same process will also be used to help eradicate the flaring and venting of gas using our CTMs.

The easy road or rail transport of liquid CO2 in our CTMs (without chilling) will advance CCS operations throughout the world, starting right here in Canada.