Our Vision and Mission

To become the world’s largest distributor of clean energy in order to help eradicate poverty and enhance social sustainability.

To eradicate energy poverty through the supply Smart Energy using our intermodal type-4 technology, provide ammonia for fertilizer and, to reduce GHG emissions.

Access to Clean Energy for Everyone, Everywhere.

CanaGas, a type-4 pressure vessel technology company, was founded by Steven Campbell in 2019 to provide easy access to natural gas by everyone, everywhere. Stored inside of intermodal containers, pressurized-liquefied natural gas (P-LNG) is a new way to liquefy natural gas and renewable natural gas (RNG) that is only 25% the cost of conventional LNG to make. Being intermodal provides easy transport and delivery of such clean energy. Access to clean energy will have a profound positive effect on the world through the reduction of poverty, enhanced education, and social development, in an environmentally responsible way.

Derivative Benefits

Using the same innovative liner design, our lower pressure type-4 tanks inside of intermodal shipping containers are used to transport liquid CO2 (for sequestration), and propane/ LPG to heat homes and cook food. We will also transport/deliver, ethylene, ethane, and propylene for the manufacture of essential goods.

Our very low-pressure tanks are designed for transporting ammonia, methanol and DME, each of which can now be made from renewable sources such as wind or solar. Ammonia is the largest source of fertilizer in the world. Ammonia can also be burned in a combustion engine or cracked to supply hydrogen as zero-carbon producing fuel.

Invest in CanaGas

CanaGas is seeking equity investment to develop its type-4 pressure vessel technology.