About Us

CanaGas Incorporated is a privately held company registered in Alberta, Canada.

We have taken already-proven type-4 technology (generation 2), and enhanced it for the safe and efficient storage and transport of Pressurized-Liquefied Natural Gas (P-LNG) and, other gaseous fluids including: CO2, ethane, ethylene, and propane/ LPG.

CanaGas was founded by a strong technical team, led by Mr. Steven Campbell. The team is focused on certifying its advanced type-4 technology for the benefit of the world. With recent funding, CanaGas has just hired an industry CEO to lead the company through the start-up of its business and rapid growth.

To generate those first revenues, CanaGas will operate as a service provider. Once financially secure, it will then start to trade in natural gas and other commodities.

Using CanaGas technology, we envision a rapidly increasingly sustainable world with sufficient access to low-cost energy.

It is therefore our mission to use our technology to provide low-cost access to natural gas & LPG while the world figures out how it is going to transition. Make small scale biogas production widespread to help eradicate energy poverty in the developing world. Help eradicate the flaring and venting of gas. And, help grow carbon capture and sequestration through the low-cost transport of CO2.