About Us

CanaGas Incorporated is a Privately Held Start-up Company Registered in Alberta, Canada.

CanaGas is Founded by a Strong Technical Team, Focused on Certifying Its Enhanced Type-4 Technology for the Benefit of the World.

CanaGas Has Taken Already-Proven Type-4 Technology (Generation 2), and Enhanced it for the Safe and Efficient Transport of Pressurized-Liquefied Natural Gas (P-LNG).

CanaGas has a Large Number of Advisors and Mentors Helping It Prepare for the Fabrication and Assembly of Its Intermodal Gas Transport Modules.

CanaGas is Now Looking for a Strategic Investor/ CEO to Lead the Commercialization of Its Patented Technology.

Invest in CanaGas

CanaGas is seeking equity investment to develop its type-4 pressure vessel technology.